Our Process

The focus at NAEV is ground up restorations with fully electric power train installations.  No bolt is left unturned and no surface untouched.  Each and every vehicle that leaves the shop must be 100 points and magazine ready.

vehicle disassembly


Each vehicle is fully disassembled and carefully categorised. No nut or bolt is left unturned at NAEV! With rare makes a models, many hundreds of photos are taken along the way to make sure we know exactly how it came apart. Factory diagrams can be limited or altogether non-existent with rare classics.

Media Blasting

Every square inch of metal (or fibreglass) must be fully stripped clean of paint, primer, undercoat, bondo, lead, etc. This is the only way to fully assess the condition of the vehicle.  

1965 Porsche 356C - Electric Conversion
Mustang Conversion, Electric Mustang, Metal repair and fabrication

Metal Repair & Fabrication

Fixing rust is a must! This is the most essential part of the restoration process. Each and every chassis must be rust free, structurally safe, and laser straight. During this process we will also fabricate brackets and mounts for the electric motors and batteries. Modern technology allows us to use 3D scanning technology to get the best fit for the new components.

Parts Restoration

All of our carefully categorised components must be rebuilt better than the factory did. Nuts, bolts, washers are all zinc plated. Suspension components can be plated, painted, or powder coated depending on the build. Trim pieces are chrome or nickel plated.  

Auto Parts Restoration
Auto Paint and Body work, Porsche 356 Electric Conversion

Paint & Body

Once the metal repair process is completed bodies and chassis are sealed with epoxy primer. Filler is then applied and blocked straight. High build urethane primer is then applied and blocked laser straight once more. Basecoat and clear coat is then applied.  Dupont Axalta is our paint system of choice as it is the best of the best!


This is where all the shiny new and refinished components are put back on the car. The goal throughout the entire process is to restore better than factory! Shocks, struts, tie rods, bearings, bushings etc must all be brand new.

Vehicle Wiring Diagrams


There are two wiring systems in an EV. The traditional low voltage 12V system powers lights, horn, stereo etc. The high voltage system consists of the electric motor, batteries, and charge system.


NAEV is very fortunate to have an in-house upholstery department. We feel that this is essential in our process due to the level of customization required. Only the best leathers, vinyls, and canvas is used.

Cut & Buff

Before the glass is installed vehicles must be sanded with a very fine grit paper and buffed to perfection.

Road Testing

A minimum of 500km is necessary to work out all the bugs and make sure each system is working correctly and as a unit. Many hours of programming and testing will make for a very fun and enjoyable driving experience for years to come.

Porsche 911 Targa Electric Conversion

Get in touch with us directly to see if your classic vehicle is suitable for our process.